Kalpitiya - The part of Sri Lanka that will sweep you off your feet

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the magical sum of sipping a morning espresso to the sounds of a sleepy fishing village coming awake, releasing your bare feet into cool sand and letting your skin absorb the morning goodness of the sun filtering through the palm trees.

Ahead of you lies a boat trip to the water world of the Indian Ocean, a kitesurfing experience in the world famous Kalpitiya Lagoon or just a lazy day in the hammock. This youthful tourist destination offers up a paradise for anyone who seeks one and will literally sweep you off your feet.

There are two sides to Kalpitiya. The two seasons are completely different in character. We call one the windy season (May- September). This is when the south west monsoon acts over Sri Lanka giving Kalpitiya very strong and stable winds. In combination with a huge flat water lagoon and favorable wind directions, it is the ideal place for kitesurfing, from beginner level to pro and today it's one of the hottest destinations on the kitesurfing radar.

A popular starting point from which you can enjoy the whole Kalpitiya platter is The Rascals Kite Resort, a small oasis of 5 cabanas nestling in the coconut groves. It combines real hospitality with a rustic touch, a perfect balance of intimacy and privacy. A place where you can savour the luxury of simplicity with homemade fresh and wholesome food. Last but not least it provides a friendly meeting point for like-minded travelers.

As the name suggests, they are specialized for kite surfers, with a school offering courses, rentals and an array of kitesurfing experiences, but they also operate and offer activities during the winter season (December - March). At this time of the year, the wind is milder and comes from the opposite direction. While the conditions are still good for kitesurfing they also induce a calmer, more delightful sea which opens up the opportunity for dolphin and whale excursions and snorkeling at the Bar Reef and fishing. The waters outside Kalpitiya are a known feeding ground for many dolphin and whale species. Spinner dolphins, Blue whales and Humpback whales are often encountered during a boat trip and to the glee of every whale enthusiast; it holds the world’s largest sperm whale pod.

Photo: Tonja Colson
For more info: www.kalpitiyakitesurfing.com

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