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Crispy salty skin, tangled hair and twisted lashes. After a day in Kalpitiya, most of us have had both our bodies and minds seriously battered by nature. Because that is what Kalpitiya is all about.

Only 2 and a half hours’ drive up north from Bandaranaike International Airport, yet far away from the frantic pace of the modern everyday society that we know so well, is a small fishing village that will touch your soul. With a welcome committee of wild donkeys, the village offers the traveller a taste of the “real Sri Lanka”. The accommodation and facilities available in the area are designed in simplicity and with special care to preserve the pure and tranquil environment. The friendly atmosphere combined with the concept of caring service ensures there is everything you need to enjoy to the full a relaxing holiday in a special place.

For the last 5 years travellers have been visiting Kalpitiya to experience its beautiful underwater/aquatic life, kitesurf in world class conditions or just to stretch a pair of tired office legs on the long unspoilt beach along the Indian ocean.

One of the hotels in the area is The Rascals Kite Resort, a homely resort that reminds us of how small things can make us content. Built in natural materials and wrapped in a colorful garden of exotic plants, it’s a place to kick off your shoes.  There are 5 cozy cabanas united by an Ambalama in the center.  This is where you indulge in home cooked local flavours, fresh, straight-from-the-net seafood, vegetable curries and tropical fruit. This is a place to relax in the cool of the evening in the company of like-minded souls.

As the name suggests, The Rascals Kite Resort is specialised in kitesurfing and the main season extends from the beginning of May through to the end of September.  This is when the south-west monsoon peaks and strong winds pass over the peninsula creating ideal conditions for the sport.  The Rascals Kitesurfing School, operating at the Kalpitiya lagoon, provides friendly safe tuition for beginners and intermediates, kite gear rental and mindblowing trips to remote islands and kite spots.  And just like in the Rascals resort itself, there is personal service on offer for every guest.

The Rascals Kite Resort also welcomes non-kiters who can experience the special nature-related activities Kalpitiya has to offer. From dolphin and whale watching trips, to snorkelling at the Bar Reef and boat excursions to the Wilpattu National Park, the best time for these activities is during the winter season, from December to March.

Tel: +94 71 401 2002

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